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Development of machine learning models that are very tiny in footprint and take miniscule energy to make predictions. Deploy models on microcontrollers and embedded devices.

IoT Board

Model Development

Develop models specific to your data, collected on the edge device.

IoT Board

Model Deployment

Deploy models to a specific hardware or controller, such as arduino.

IoT Board

OTA Update Systems

System to update the models over the air style, keep models updated on the edge.

IoT Board

Model Compression

Compress state of the art machine learning models to tiny footprint.

IoT Board

Device Integration

Deploy tiny models on custom hardware and off the shelf hardware.

IoT Board

Edge Analytics

Enable edge devices for analytical capabilities with machine learning models.

We Develop Scalable IoT applications for your Business.

We provide solutioning and development services for the internet of things and modernization of your business, Get custom IoT Deployments for your business.

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How it Works

Build deep learning models for tiny embedded edge devices to enable them to make predictions and make decisions on the edge, at a fraction of energy consumption.

Gather Edge Data

Acquire & store data from the edge devices for training and testing.

Train Edge Models

Train & Compress models that can run on edge devices with very small footprint.

Deploy to Embedded Devices

Deploy the devices with tensorflow lite on embedded low power devices.