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Azure provides a robust stack of iot services, we provide services to build solutions on top of azure for your industry specific requirements.

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Azure IoT Consulting

We provide IoT consulting for Azure based IoT Solutions for various industries

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IoT Platform Development

Develop custom IoT Platform on top of Azure cloud services with built-in scalability

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IoT Apps Development

We develop apps for mobile and devices tightly coupled with IoT Platforms

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Dashboard & Visualization

We design and develop custom widgets and dashboards with Microsoft Power BI

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Device Integration

Integrate custom & off the shelf devices with Azure IoT Hub with Bi-Directional Communication

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IoT Analytics & ML

Custom IoT Analytics solutions on top of Azure IoT for informative & predictive capabilities

Custom IoT Solutions & Platform Development on top of Azure IoT Services.

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Advantages of Azure IoT Stack for IoT Applications

Build truly enterprise scale internet of things application with Azure IoT services. Azure enables a very high level of security & high availability for the IoT applications, for high data injestion & processing rates.

evice Management


Azure IoT Solutions are highly secure & provide software bindings for the devices to enable secure end to end data transmission.


Scaling IoT applications is easy with Azure IoT Solutions, within minutes we can scale IoT applications reliably

Aggregate & Visualize

Analytics & Rules Alerting

High Availability

Azure IoT Solutions are Highly Available and are equiped for disaster recovery, choosing Azure IoT solutions enables businesses to mitigate the risks of downtime.