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Our extensive understanding of the internet of things domain and thingsboard iot platform enables us to provide you with the best customization services and support for the open source platform.

IoT Board

Thingsboard Consulting

We provide IoT consulting using Thingsboard platform for many industries.

IoT Board

IoT Platform Development

Develop IoT Platform with Thingsboard Platform Community Edition.

IoT Board

IoT Apps Development

Develop mobile and web applications for IoT systems with Thingsboard as a backend.

IoT Board

Dashboard & Visualization

We design and develop custom thingsboard widgets and dashboards.

IoT Board

Device Integration

Integrate custom or off the shelf hardware with Thingsboard IoT Platform.

IoT Board

IoT Analytics

We provide development of custom analytics solutions on top of Thingsboard.

Customize Thingsboard Platform for Your IoT Requirements.

IoT Systems development using open source software reduces costs and time to implementation, our highly skilled pool of developers working on thingsboard platform help you achieve fast IoT deployments at reduced costs.

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IoT Development with thingsboard

Development using popular open source software such as Thingsboard provides businesses with and edge and reduced development time and costs. It is one of fastest ways to deploy an IoT Solution for your use case.

evice Management

Device Management

Manage your devices from the platform interface. Provision, monitor and control your IoT devices in the most secure way using rich APIs. Create connections between your devices, assets, customers or any other entities.

Aggregate & Visualize

Aggregate and store device telemetry data in a very scalable and fault-tolerant way. Create Visualization of your data with built-in or custom widgets and customizable & re-configurable dashboards. Share dashboards across users & customers.

Aggregate & Visualize

Analytics & Rules Alerting

Analytics & Rules Alerting

Define rule chains to preprocess incoming telemetry data. Transform and normalize device telemetry data. Raise alarms on incoming data events, attribute updates, device inactivity and user actions.

Microservices Architecture

Deploy your custom ThingsBoard cluster and get scalability and fault-tolerance with microservices architecture implemented using Java SpringBoot. Deployments can be done as a single node or multi node, on cloud and on premise.

Microservices Architecture

Iot Solutions with Thingsboard Open Source.

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Platform Features


Support for multi-tenant installations out-of-the-box. Single tenant can have multiple tenant administrators and a number of devices and customers.

Data Visualization

Configurable widgets ready of use and ability to create your own widgets using built-in editors. Built in charts, digital and analog gauges and maps.

Horizontal scalability

Increase device capacity simply by adding server nodes to the cluster when deployed in cluster mode. No downtime required or restarts or application errors.

Mobile App development services

IoT Rule Engine

Process incoming device data with rule chains based using custom logic on incoming values. Configure complex notification chains on alarms.

Asset Management

Register and manage your assets with ease. Allows to set server-side asset attributes and monitor related alarms. Build complex and hierarchical entities with relations.

Alarms Management

Monitor alarms in real-time and alarms propagation to related entities hierarchy. Create alarms for inactive or disconnected devices.