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We provide consulting & Management of Kaa hosted IoT Platforms for Businesses who wnat to implement IoT Solutions into theie existing business environments.

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Kaa IoT Consulting

We provide IoT consulting for Kaa based IoT Solutions for many industries

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IoT Platform Management

Deploy & Manage Kaa IoT Platforms for your business, we make IoT operations easy for you

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IoT Apps Development

We develop apps for mobile and devices tightly coupled with IoT Platforms

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Dashboard & Visualization

We design and develop custom widgets and dashboards with Kaa Visualization tools

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Device Integration

Integrate custom & off the shelf devices with Kaa IoT Platform with standard protocols

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IoT Analytics & ML

Custom IoT Analytics solutions on top of Kaa IoT for informative & predictive capabilities.

Management & Operations for Kaa Hosted IoT Platforms

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IoT Development with Azure

Azure IoT provides security and scalability for IoT platforms, development using Azure IoT services allows business to get the best of IoT solutions and ensure security of the iot applictions and devices.

evice Management

Device Management & Data Collection

Track device life cycle and mange devices from a single platform, collect data from devies

Data Visualization

Visualize data collected from the devices with flexible dashboards & use pre-configure dashboards

Aggregate & Visualize

Analytics & Rules Alerting

Configuration Management & Analytics

Control device behaviour and manage on device data processing functions for edge analytics


Host multiple customers within one installation for ease of management and operations

Microservices Architecture

Secure & Scalable IoT Application with Kaa IoT Platform.

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