Our Services

We provide various services under the iot roof such as device integration, platform development, monitoring solutions, alerting systems, visualizations and mobile apps for monitoring.

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IoT Consulting

We provide IoT consulting using Thingsboard platform for many industries.

IoT Board

IoT Platform Development

Develop IoT Platform with Thingsboard Platform Community Edition.

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IoT Apps Development

Develop mobile and web applications for IoT systems with Thingsboard as a backend.

IoT Board

Dashboard & Visualization

We design and develop custom thingsboard widgets and dashboards.

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Device Integration

Integrate custom or off the shelf hardware with Thingsboard IoT Platform.

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IoT Analytics

We provide development of custom analytics solutions on top of Thingsboard.

We Develop Scalable IoT applications for your Business.

We provide solutioning and development services for the internet of things and modernization of your business, Get custom IoT Deployments for your business.

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