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One IOT Platform for All Industries

A customisable IOT platform that integrates with legacy systems with ease to provide realtime insights.

Telematics Data Collection

Collect and store telemetry data in safe way, avoiding network & hardware failures. Access accumulated data using customisable dashboards.

Visualisation Dashboards

Configurable widgets to build dashboards with pre-configured visualizations.

Rule Based Analytics

Rule engine to allow statistical rule based analytics and alarms, with customisable drag and drop user interface to build rules.

Multi-Tenant System

Allow multiple tenants to work in the same deployment system, with multiple administrators and control.

Device Management

Manage devices from a single interface, monitor states of devices on client side as well as server side.

Asset Management

Manage physical assets with autogenerated QR code to track the assets via mobile application.

Video Monitoring

Monitor video cameras looking over environment, record and replay video to keep track of your premises.


Security is builtin with every aspect of iotboard, from end to end the data is secure and protected with state of the art encryption technologies.

Horizontal Scaling

Scale your backend horizontally with distributed systems like kafka for high throughput loads.

Features can be added on demand to IoTBoard platform.