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What is IoTBoard?

IoTBoard is our product that caters the needs of any industry that has a need to implement the internet of things technology, oil & gas, energy, manufacturing are to name a few.


IoTBoard is a generic product built from open source technologies which allows us to customize the software to a specific need of the industry and serve the industry in a better way.

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IoTboard is a customisable Internet of things platform.


IoTBoard supports telemetry data acquisition, device management, visualization, rule based decision making, intelligent insights. Modularity is built in the software, which enables IoTBoard to Integrate with existing software services.

Data Acquisition

Dashboard Visualizations

Rule Based & Smart Alarms

Intelligent Insights

Asset Management

Camera Monitoring

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Easily integrate with legacy systems, with add on features.


IoTBoard is suitable to any industry that intends to implement Internet of Things technology. Industries such as Manufacturing, Solar, Oil & Gas and Agriculture have found significant improvements by implementing Internet of Things.


IoTBoard’s modules enable businesses to perform predictive maintenance along with Rule Based Analytics.

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Successfully deployable in Industries such as Solar, Oil & Gas, Agriculture and Manufacturing

What We Offer?

Our offering has three parts; data acquisition, platform and intelligent decision making. Data acquisition part enables legacy machines to produce and record data, Platform is the key to manage the data and Intelligent Decision Making is done by ML and DL enabled modules which are custom built as per your needs.

Data Acquisition

IoTBoard Platform

Intelligent Decision Making

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AI enabled IoTBoard helps businesses make predictive analysis & offers preemptive maintenance